You are looking for a location for the most beautiful day of your life. You want to celebrate your birthday with your family and friends. The housewarming party does not fit in your own new home.

There are more than 100 reasons to celebrate life. We will be happy to help you in doing so.

The Markiezenhof arose at the end of the middle ages, after several renovations and extensions of the medieval Court of the Lords of Bergen op Zoom. Jan van Bergen op Zoom II and III, father and son, and both Marquis of Bergen op Zoom gave the command to do this. The sex of Bergen op Zoom was the end of the fifteenth century in high regard and this status came back in the palace-like character of the Markiezenhof.

In the course of centuries is the function of the complex changed several times. From 1485 to 1727 the Markiezenhof did service as a noble residential Palace of the Lords and later Marquis of Bergen op Zoom. They lived for short or extended periods in their own city Palace in the city. Also from 1485, it was the administrative center of the marquisate Markiezenhof, even up to 1795.

The building served as a military hospital during the period 1957 to 1795-1819 and then as barracks.

After in 1968 it was decided to open up to the public by the building there is a museum. The Markiezenhof underwent a major renovation. The building had suffered from the many years that there are a barracks in. The renovation, completed in 1987, brought the city Palace back in the grandeur of yesteryear.

Situated in the middle of the 15th-century Markiezenhof we offer you different rooms and vaults to celebrate your day. In summer we can also out .... the terrace offers many possibilities.The complete decor and catering are provided by us. With over 30 years of experience in the Court, we know how you and your guests feel. From simple-to luxury celebrations, we take into account your budget. You can there are for your guests, we take care of the rest.